Pacific Cycle IF mode Review


Designed by British inventor Mark Sanders in conjunction with Pacific Cycles, the award winning iF Mode folding bicycle is the perfect combination of form and function, ideal for the weekly commute and recreational rides at the weekend.

A full sized bike that folds into a small package in the blink of an eye, the IF Mode is the perfect combination of form and function, able to withstand the rigours of the daily commute and ideal for weekend rides.

The unique folding system enables you to collapse the full size bicycle in less than 3 seconds, automatically linking the wheels together allowing the bike to be wheeled rather than carried when folded, making it the perfect commuter bike and travelling companion.

In addition to turning heads the clean lines and streamlined modular design of the futuristic iF Mode keeps mechanical parts internalised, meaning no more oil or grease marks on work clothes and practically zero maintenance.

  • Folds in the blink of an eye: The fastest folding bike currently available collapses in a single action.
  • Wheelable when folded: The built in handle allows the bike to be rolled rather than carried.
  • No oily chain or exposed mechanical parts: The chain and gearing system are internalised meaning clothes stay clean and maintenance is practically zero.
  • Full sized bike: The frame and wheel size are the same as a typical mountain bike with a natural riding position and balanced handling.
  • Revolutionary design: Single sided fork and rear stays with foldable handle bars offers full size bike functionality with a small folded footprint.
  • Gears made simple – Kick button to change gear with your heels, the schlumpf bottom bracket gears are integrated inside the frame, to avoid water penetration and malfunction from knocks or bumps.


  • Frame: Pacific AL7005 IF Monocoque frame w/sigleswingarm
  • Fork: Pacific AL7005 single arm
  • Color: Cream White / Two Tone (Pearl White/Grey) / Matte Black
  • Head Set: Ball Bearings 35x17x10mm
  • BB Parts: Speed Drive integrated
  • Seat Post: Promax SP-728 AL 2014 31.6x480mm
  • Tire: KendaKwick Roller Sport 26×1.5″ (40-559)
  • Rim: Alloy 6061-T6 26×1.5″ 12H 3 Spider Plates
  • Hub: KT sealed bearings for single arm frame
  • Chainwheel: Speed Drive 22T w/CG
  • Chain: KMC HG53
  • Freewheel: 12T sprocket
  • Derailleur: Speed Drive dual speed system
  • Shifters: Heel push bottom on BB axle
  • Saddle: Velo VL-2064 Brown
  • Pedal: Foldable
  • Handlebar: Pacific IF Mode Folding
  • Stem: CNC integrated to front fork
  • Brake: Mechanical Disc Brake w/160mm rotors
  • Brake Lever: Mechanical disc brake lever
  • Accessory: Nil
  • Suspension Unit: Nil
  • Optional: Carry bag
  • Dimensions Folded: 102cm(H) x27cm(W) x 66cm(L)
  • Weight: 14.7kg
  • Weight limit: 85kg

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